CBD Patches For Pain - the complete guide

Man applying CBD Patch

 If you are experiencing pain or inflammation, you might be interested in trying CBD patches. While these are fairly new they are gaining popularity since CBD patches, when applied to your skin, allow a very targeted absorption in the affected area.

Such patches are very convenient but you are probably wondering if they are as effective as other forms of CBD delivery like CBD oil, CBD roll-on, and others. In the following article, I will be discussing CBD patches, the research around them, and how to effectively use them. and how to use them.


What is a CBD patch?

I'm sure you've heard about those nicotine patches, well CBD patches are similar, however contain CBD and, often, other added ingredients. These are small rectangular or circular stickers that stick to your skin and release their active ingredients subdermal. CBD patches are very effective for local pain relief.

CBD is absorbed through the skin (transdermal) into the bloodstream, making this delivery method very efficient.

Do CBD patches work?

While CBD patches' effectiveness is similar to that of CBD when consumed orally, they offer a few additional advantages, as research from 2018 shows.

According to the research, your body metabolizes orally consumed CBD initially, before it circulates in your bloodstream, whereas CBD patches are more efficiently absorbed into your bloodstream. This means that no CBD is lost along the way like when it first goes through your digestive system. This means that more CBD gets to the affected area.

Additionally, in many cases, such patches are designed for 'slow release' and that means that you can keep them on for a day or two and enjoy a constant dose that targets your pain without having to deal with taking additional CBD orally, for example. It's pretty much stick-and-forget.

Such patches have proven to be very safe, with the exception of minor irritation that might occur to those with sensitive skin. Such irritation can happen when additional substances are added such as carriers and adhesives for individuals who are allergic to those. But such cases are not very common.

But in general, remember that such patches are more effective for localized pain, such as back pain or shoulder pain rather than for widespread pain. Personally, I use Reclaim Lab's CBD Patches as a complementary means to the Broad Spectrum CBD Oil to tackle specific painful joints.

Another research, including a case series, demonstrates that topical CBD has the potential to offer a very effective means of treatment in reducing inflammation and blocking back pain in addition to relieving nerve pain and promoting muscle relaxation.

While a lot of research has been performed on more traditional ways of consuming CBD, there's less research done on transdermal CBD patches. So always perform your own research, and, as always, it's a lot about trial and error until you find the product that works best for you.

Furthermore, remember that if you are using CBD patches that also contain THC (full spectrum), there's a chance that THC will appear in your drug test should you take one. If you are worried about that, make sure to choose CBD patches that contain either a CBD Isolate or a THC-free formulation. Our CBD patches at Reclaim Labs do not contain any THC.

Why use CBD patches for pain?

First, for people who prefer not to ingest or inhale CBD, topical CBD products offer this exact advantage.

Second, patches are probably the easiest form of applying CBD. It's mess-free and you can simply stick it and forget about it.

Third, if you are dealing with constant chronic pain, this delivery method offers a constant and stable supply of CBD right to the target area, without having to constantly reapply additional products every day or even a few times a day.

How Effective are CBD patches vs. other CBD products for pain?

As mentioned above, while formal research relating to CBD patches for pain, the main advantage is the elimination of having to go through the digestive system. By avoiding the digestive system and going transdermally through your skin, you are eliminating what is called the first-pass effect. This means that none of the CBD effectivity is lost, or in other words, it increases its bioavailability, that is the amount of CBD that your body can use.

Additionally, as stated, keeping the patch for a lengthy period of time on your skin, means that you are enjoying constant pain relief. But remember to give it some time to work since usually it will take half an hour to an hour until you feel some relief. Patience is a virtue.

Who should use CBD patches?

If you are looking for some pain relief in a specific part of your body, a CBD patch is a great option for you. Furthermore, if you are interested in inhaling CBD, or simply don't like its taste, a patch is also a good option for you.

Also, if you don't want to have to remember to reapply your CBD, such as with CBD topicals, or looking for a completely mess-free way of getting your CBD then a patch is probably your best option.

And, as mentioned above, CBD patches are effective for local pain, so if you are looking for relief for widespread pain, a CBD patch is not your ideal solution.


Shopping for CBD patches online?

Here are a few things to remember when shopping for CBD patches:

  • Request a certificate of analysis (COA). The COA displays third-party test results indicating the potency of the product and assuring that it's clean of contaminants (e.g. heavy metals)

  • The packaging clearly states how much CBD is included in the product

  • The packaging includes a detailed list of the additional ingredients in the patch

  • If you are looking for a longer pain relief effect, ideally, the packaging should say it's 'slow release' and waterproof or sweatproof. That means you can shower with the patch or even swim.


How to use CBD patches

First, make sure the area you are intending to place the patch on is clean. Ideally, you should place the patch on a hairless area and most importantly not anywhere near mucous membranes and broken skin.

With adhesive patches, simply peel to expose the sticky part and stick it onto the target area. for maximum effectiveness, choose areas of soft tissues such as the lower back vs. the elbow where there's thicker skin and the movement can make the patch come off.

The packaging, or website instructions should indicate the maximum time the patch is effective, so do not exceed that for maximum effectivity.


As always, test the waters first. You can always start with a lower concentration of CBD and then increase it.

Reclaim Lab's CBD patches include a total of 6.2mg of CBD and 6.4mg of CBG for a total of 12.6 total cannabinoids. If you feel like you need a higher dosage, you can always apply two patches, or apply a new patch more often. Just make sure to go gradually.


Safety and side effects

Most importantly, do not use CBD patches on broken or irritated skin.

CBD is considered to be safe, however, some people may experience some mild side effects that may include diarrhea and fatigue, but these should subside with time.

Remember to always talk with your healthcare professional prior to starting CBD to ensure there's no potential risk for you.

FAQs about CBD patches

Do CBD patches work?

As detailed above, the answer is yes. As for effectiveness, CBD patches are as effective as any other forms of CBD.

But, as with any other conventional medication, for some people, it might work better than others. It's a lot about trial and error.

Are CBD patches better than CBD oil for pain?

Well, they are pretty much on par. But the main difference is that CBD oil is more geared for systemic long-term use while CBD patches are more in line with treating local aches and pains.

Since CBD patches provide a long-lasting release of CBD directly onto the affected area they are a good option for local long-lasting pain. However, if you are experiencing long-lasting widespread pain, just like with Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune conditions, your best bet is probably CBD oil which is taken sublingually.

As mentioned previously, for individuals who are allergic to either the adhesive in the patch or to other additions, patches are probably not the right choice.

Will CBD patches make you high?

It's unlikely, since the majority of patches in the market have very little THC, that the phsycoactive substance in the plant. But regardless, Reclaim Labs CBD patches for pain relief have absolutely no THC, and therefore will never get you high. You can use Reclaim's patches anywhere and anytime without worrying of failing any drugtest.

Will CBD patches show up on a drug test?

Again, if you are using pathces that include THC (full spectrum) It’s possible, however, If you’re taking a broad-spectrum CBD product you shouldn't be worried about failing drugtests. But If you’re still worried, you can opt for CBD isolate products that have a supporting COA to assure the product is THC-free.

How long should I leave on a CBD patch?

Most patches are designed to offer a constant slow release of CBD, and therefore can be worn periods of times ranging between hours and days. The product should provide this information on the label. We would not recommend exceeding 48 hours, since you want to air the skin surface beneath the patch. It's also a good practice to shift patch-placing location a bit from one patch to the other, to avoid irritation and to let the skin breath.

Can I shower with CBD patches?

It depends on the patch. But in general, patches that are designed to be worn for longer periods of times are waterproof and sweatproof, so most likely you can shower and swim with them. The manufacturer's instructions should refer to that as well. Reclaim Labs CBD patches for pain relief are completely waterproof so there's no issue with shouwering or engaging in physical activity.


If you are looking for relieving targeted pain then CBD patches are most likely your best choice. With their fast absorption and slow release of CBD, they offer a quick and longer term relief. For pain that is widespread, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is probably a better choice. Of courses, you can always combine both applications for a full body effect. Be sure to talk with a healthcare professional prior to taking CBD.

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