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THC-Free Hemp Oil

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This 2800 mg bottle of THC-Free Hemp Extract Oil is our strongest-ever formula. Formulated with highly bioavailable organic coconut MCT oil, it aims to promote strong anti-inflammatory qualities and total wellness.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Is THC-Free Hemp Extract Oil?

Hemp extract oil is made from the hemp plant, an industrially grown variety of the Cannabis sativa plant. The plant parts are cold pressed to extract the oil, which can then be used to formulate different products. Our 2800mg bottle of THC-Free hemp extract oil is a supplement formula with potent amounts of CBD and other potentially beneficial compounds that occur naturally in the plant.

What Are the Benefits of Hemp Oil?

Users of hemp extract oil report experiencing a variety of physical and mental benefits. Possible benefits of our THC-Free hemp oil include anti-inflammatory effects, reduced pain, improved skin condition, relaxation, anxiety relief, and more. The type and intensity of effects can also vary by individual.Note: These statements of benefits have not been evaluated by the FDA, and should not be interpreted as medical advice.

What Is Hemp Extract Used For?

The many different compounds in hemp oil can have different effects on the body, which makes it a potentially effective tool for a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Different hemp extract formulas might be used to reduce discomfort, increase relaxation, and/or improve health. Most often, it is made into a topical product or dietary supplement.

THC-Free vs. Full Spectrum: What’s the Difference?

The spectrum of a hemp oil extract refers to the variety of cannabinoids and other ingredients in the product. A full-spectrum product contains some amount of all of the naturally occurring components. A THC-Free extract contains all of the original profile of compounds, except for the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. This makes THC-Free oil an ideal choice for people who are concerned about workplace drug testing or simply don’t want to ingest THC.

Does Hemp Oil Contain THC?

Hemp oil sometimes contains trace amounts of THC, but it is not as much as marijuana (or enough to produce a high). While the THC concentrations in different marijuana strains average around 12%, hemp-derived products in the U.S. must contain less than 0.3% THC.¹ Third-party testing of Reclaim Labs’ THC-Free hemp supplement shows NO detectable level of THC.

Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal?

In the U.S., hemp oil products containing less than 0.3% THC are considered legal under federal law in all 50 states. As such, in our home state of New York, CBD products are legal. Make sure you know what your local and state laws are regarding the legality of hemp and CBD products.

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THC-Free Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is an increasingly popular option for managing the symptoms of conditions such as chronic pain and anxiety. Reclaim Labs’ THC-free CBD oil products are carefully formulated to filter out impurities, adjust chemical levels, and remove any psychoactive components while maintaining the original molecular structure of the plant. The result is an effective natural product that may be able to benefit your overall wellness and reduce the need for other harsh, more conventional, treatments.

THC: What It Is and Why Some May Not Want It In Their Hemp Oil

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a compound (molecule) that occurs naturally in the tissues of the cannabis plant. THC is a psychoactive chemical and is primarily responsible for producing the high of marijuana.

Our hemp extract is thoroughly analyzed and processed to create cannabis oil without THC. This is done for a few reasons, the first of which is legality. In order to be legal for sale in the United States, all hemp derivative products must contain less than 0.3% THC. With our broad spectrum formula, even such tiny trace amounts of THC are extracted to really get a 100% THC free product.

Another reason for carefully crafting our CBD without THC formula is that our goal is easing various symptoms and supporting a healthy immune system, all, while supporting normal day-to-day functioning. To our purpose, THC is simply not relevant.

The Potential Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil

With the appropriate dosage and application, CBD oil may have a number of positive effects. Possible benefits include:

  1. Reduced chronic pain symptoms
  2. Reduced inflammation
  3. Better sleep
  4. A more peaceful, calm mental state
  5. Improved appetite
  6. A feeling of physical relaxation
  7. Reduced nausea
  8. Improved overall mood


Effects like these may be helpful to those dealing with a wide variety of physical and mental conditions. CBD users say that it has helped them manage the symptoms of conditions like arthritis, autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, insomnia or even the side effects of chemotherapy.

Claims regarding the health benefits of hemp oil have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and our products are not intended to prevent, treat or diagnose any disease. Do not stop or change any current medication use without first discussing it with your doctor.

The possible benefits described here are examples of effects that have been reported by CBD users. Each individual’s experience is unique, but our customers generally continue to report positive results and improved symptoms when continuously using our products.

Why Choose Reclaim Labs for Hemp Oil Products?

At Reclaim Labs, we do our best to stand out from other online CBD retailers. Here are just a few reasons why we are the best place to find legal, THC-free CBD products.

  1. We use third-party testing for purity and quality. Regular analysis by our partner laboratory ensures that our products are properly formulated, legal for sale, and safe from any harmful contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals.
  2. Our company’s founder, Ron, personally developed and used our formula to manage chronic arthritis pain and end decades of harsh medication use such as steroids. Our products were created by someone who genuinely understands the reality of living with chronic pain. As a result of his extensive research and work, Ron was able to begin managing his arthritis with natural hemp oil instead of damaging steroids. We dig deep into the chemistry to find what really works for real people with real pain.
  3. Our products are thoughtfully formulated for fast, effective results. In addition to finding the right balance of hemp extract components, we use highly bioavailable carrier oils for quicker, more efficient relief. We have a thorough understanding of how CBD works and leverage the “entourage effect” when interacting with the body’s own endocannabinoid system.
  4. We aim to make our products accessible and affordable. We have great prices for top quality CBD oils and offer free shipping on all U.S. orders. As an online retailer, we also make our products accessible to customers with limited mobility and/or transportation.
  5. We’re dedicated to customer service and transparency. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re happy to help and Ron is always happy to personally talk to each and every one of our customers and share experiences and knowledge. If you’d like to see our products’ test results for yourself, certificates of analysis are available on our online shop or by request.